Live Life With A Gold Standard



TEEZY, a Walking Tall recording artist, has been writing and recording music since the age of 12. He has been recently making appearance in Iowa City, IA working at growing his fan base daily. He brings a sense of relief to the music industry due to his calm but aggressive approach.

After recently joining Walking Tall records and co-founding Gold Standard Ltd. along with Domo Lloyd, Skull and Airtight P a debut album has been the top priority.  Teezy’s experiences are wide ranged, from writing and producing his own music to making frequent appearances.  He Just recently opened for the artist “Riff Raff” at club Realm in Toledo, OH.

Gold Standard Ltd. has upcoming releases of “The Rise”, “Tell Me Who You Love”, “Party Don’t Last” and “Stay to Myself”.  Stay tuned on early 2017 to follow TEEZY  & Gold Standard Ltd on their rise to success.

TEEZY was born & raised in Toledo, Ohio where he still resides building his empire.


Do to a rough upbringing, GS Domo (Dominique Lloyd) has spent most of his 25 years traveling between  TX and Toledo, OH where he was born.

The second oldest of five siblings, growing up in a poor lower class home, he often turned to art and music to ease his mind and stay out if trouble.

Now a writer of thirteen years, Domo started off writing poetry which in turn helped develop  versatility with his diverse style and sharp lyricism.

While quiet and very observing most times, those that truly know him see him as compassionate supportive in promoting positivity amongst himself and his peers.

As the 3rd founding member of the group (GS) Gold Standard ltd, GS Domo and fellow members GS Teezy and Skull have their eyes set on a debut album with Walking Tall Records in 2017.


Born in Toledo Ohio, he recorded his first song  at the age 19 with childhood friends on the record label they started called “Self Made” (now known as Let’s Count Green”). He then joined the group CCW later but an album was unable to be released do to copyright issues involving the record label’s name.

He went on a few year hiatus and began to fall behind the scenes producing & opening Walking Tall records mom & pop store at the age of 21 witch just so happened to be the name of his father’s record label that was started in the 70’s before the Internet reinvented the music business (The label’s business slowed do to cd piracy, popularity from websites and other forms of bootlegging music).

There was also a holdup at the store that placed him in a gruesome shootout leaving him shot in both legs.  He decided to cut his losses and move on to other endeavors,  although still occasionally producing and doing features.

He reunited with his brother Airtight P, cousin J Teezy and nephew Domo to form the group Gold Standard Ltd under his father’s record label Walking Tall. What makes this artist special is he’s not only a talented producer but can flow with the best of the them, which keeps him well rounded and relevant in an ever changing music business

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